We have a number of benefits to working together in one trust

  • School Improvement -every school is entitled to benefit and contribute to this.
  • Headteacher Meeting
  • Trust Groups leading to shared CPD and resources
  • Centralised services that leads to greater efficiency and savings that result in more money in schools
  • Collective ordering


School Improvement Model

The Trust is committed to ensuring that every child in our local area benefits from an outstanding education. All school are part of the School Improvement Programme and play an equal part in this. All schools, regardless of size, benefit from the following:


  • Support from NLE to evaluate the school and identify priorities for improvement.
  • Safeguarding lead for the Trust leads Safeguarding reviews and supervision every half term. Safeguarding leads conduct these reviews in each school.
  • Curriculum lead for the Trust leads School reviews. Each School has a review once a term and SLT conduct the review in other schools.
  • External support and challenge: To provide an external view and validating the Trust’s own reviews, The Trust employs a SIP for 3 days per school to ensure the school and Trust are accurately reflecting on priorities and that the SEF, and Trust’s view, is robust and accurate. The SIP reports directly to the LGB. Where there are concerns, there will be a package of support brokered.
  • Governance: a governance review is commissioned when a school joins the Trust and each school is entitled to a further review every 3 years to ensure there is a rigorous and accurate scrutiny and the LGB holds the school to account and reports this to the Board.


Headteacher Meeting

The Headboard/ Headteachers’ committee

The Headboard is comprised of all the Headteachers of the MAT and its Associate members, including schools which intend to join the Trust in the future. The Headboard meets one week on Monday for Strategy, and the alternate week, Wednesday for Business meetings.

The Heads meeting has the following functions:

  • Identifies key issues, agrees actions and deploys resources.
  • Agrees allocation and deployment of any shared human resources to support all members of the Trust. (e.g.: TAs, cover supervisors, premises staff etc)
  • Directs the PD leads in supporting improvement in the quality of teaching and learning, in the organisation n INSET days, in moderation and standardisation of work both in each year group for primary, subject for secondary and at each transition point.
  • Directs the Trust Groups about their focus and receives reports from each group.
  • Provides a forum for improvements to transition.
  • Shares best practice and provides high challenge and high support for Headteachers
  • Implements decisions of the Board.



Collective Buying
Accountancy & audit
Data Protection Officer

Finance support including independent reviews

Finance, premises and health & safety software packages

Governance support

Health & Safety support

HR Advisory support

Legal advice

Payroll services

Safeguarding and curriculum reviews

TES advertising and recruitment package

Trade union facilities (in house)

Collective contracts negotiated for the Trust (to deliver savings and better quality) 
Grounds maintenance
In house catering
In house IT support to primary schools

Numerous IT contracts/licences/software