Welcome to The Castle Partnership Trust.

We are a local Trust with a firm commitment to our local area. The schools within the Trust are good neighbours with each other and our wider family of schools in our local area.

Our Aim is to ensure that every child in our local community achieves well, have a sense of belonging and is valued for themselves, and participates in learning, enrichment and the community, both local and global. To do this we actively recruit and invest in the best teachers in the South-West. We have an enviable reputation for supporting and developing staff, both teaching and business staff, and are an engine-room for talent. Our Teaching School (Affinity teaching School Alliance) is an important part of this engine.

Our vision and values

At The Castle Partnership Trust, our values are integral to ensuring that every child achieves, belongs and participates. There is no ‘mental shrug’ that dismisses a child. We are at the heart of our community and serve the community by ensuring the children of our community have the very best teachers, resources, opportunities that we can provide. We place the individual child at the heart of everything we do. There is no child invisible at any of our schools.

We aim for children to be happy, healthy individual with a strong sense of self-esteem. We want them to be prosperous member of their communities, local, national and global, with a clear understanding of the responsibility they have for  themselves and others.

To do this, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, a wide range of enrichment, and a House system that means children feel they belong to successful organisations, that they are part of something bigger than they are and that by belonging to a ‘school family’ they develop a sense of themselves as successful and positive.