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Polly Matthews : Headteacher

Polly Matthews


Court Fields School

Together with our staff, Governors and our wider community in Wellington we are working to provide the very best education for our children, both academically and pastorally. Our students’ achievements include performing at the highest levels in Sport and the Arts, developing wider skills via the National Citizenship Service and Duke of Edinburgh Awards, competing in national challenges in Maths and Science, to name just a few.

Our aim is for every child to achieve, belong and participate and this is at the heart of everything we do at Court Fields. We believe in the absolute moral responsibility we have for equipping students with the best possible exam results, we know that this opens doors for students and prepares them with outstanding attitudes and a strong moral foundation. We are ambitious for our students and our school. Our improvement, particularly over the last academic year has been noted by OFSTED. We will be relentless in ensuring that this progress continues.

Court Fields School

Richard Healey : Headteacher

Richard Healey


I am proud to be part of The Castle Partnership Trust and I am delighted to be leading IKB on this exciting journey as we continue to develop an outstanding model of education for the 21st century. My talented and dedicated staff have exceptionally high expectations of our pupils, and in return we are committed to providing them with the very best environment in which to learn.

We are a child-centred school where we live by our values ‘every child achieves’, ‘every child belongs’ and ‘every child participates’. Our school celebrates diversity, individuality and respects each child's identity. This enables us to develop the whole child, encouraging all children to excel through our 6 IKB attributes:

  • We are POSITIVE in our relationships with others and the values that we share.
  • We are ENGAGED in our learning, our wider school activities and our community.
  • We are RESPONSIBLE for the way we conduct ourselves in school and amongst the community.
  • We are RESPECTFUL to everyone we meet and to the property and resources that we share.
  • We are RESILIENT when things might not go the way we want and come back stronger.
  • We rise to CHALLENGES to learn more about ourselves and to strive for further achievement.

Our unique IKB attributes enable us to create a nurturing environment which develops the skills our children need to be global citizens for the increasingly diverse society that we live in.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Primary School

Carly Wilkins : Headteacher

Carly Wilkins


At Wellesley Park Primary School, we believe that happiness is the key to success. Our children work within a happy and caring environment where their individual needs are met and talents nurtured.

Our aim is that all of our children enjoy success at primary school, so we set high expectations and provide support to ensure they receive the best education.

The inspection team, and all visitors to our school, noticed that pupils’ self-confidence is nurtured as a priority from the early years. Interactions and the relationships established between staff and pupils consistently reinforce this approach across the academy. Pupils are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and become active in their own learning.

Wellesley Park Primary School

James Lamb : Headteacher

James Lamb


I am hugely proud of our school and the achievements of our students, in particular within the Arts, Music and Sports. At The Castle School, we value strong positive relationships and this makes the school such a vibrant and lively place to work.

The history and tradition of The Castle School is what makes it such a privilege to be part of this family. Our aim continues to be for every child to achieve, belong and participate and this is at the heart of everything we do at The Castle School. Rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, we have been for some years now not only at the top of the performance table in Somerset but in the top 5% of schools nationally for academic achievements. You can see our latest exam results on our website.

We believe that education should empower young people, giving them the knowledge to make sense of the world and grow into citizens who make a difference. This must be supported by a curriculum that gives students the power to think for themselves, shaped by what they need to know, understand and fulfil, in order to have happy, successful and prosperous lives.

The Castle School

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